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Nick Tomassi teaches wine and beer appreciation classes
in Kitsap County, Washington State.

Nick Tomassi is a freelance writer, focusing on wine, beer and spirits and their pairings with food. 
I also teach wine and beer appreciation classes in Kitsap County, on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.

Please feel free to e-mail me at

This web site is maintained by the author, Nick Tomassi, in his spare time in pursuit of his mostly pleasurable hobby. Hobby is probably the wrong word, maybe avocation is more appropriate. It was developed because of his interest in learning more about the wines, beers, foods, and travel of the Pacific Northwest. His main goal is to educate himself and his readers about these subjects and less about selling things. He get lots of offers to exchange links with what appears to be commercial sites, which he usually decline. In the "Wine Links" section of this web site he has included web sites that he enjoys and hope you will too. Click the wine bottle navigation buttons above to visit the various pages of this site. Have fun, Nick

I'm a transplanted Connecticut Yankee, having been stationed in Portland OR with the Air Force in 1950 and discharged in 1954. Graduated with a bachelors in Engineering from Portland U., and a Masters in Systems Management from USC. Stayed in the Pacific Northwest and worked as a civilian test engineer for the Navy for over 30 years, retiring in 1988.

Married to Kathy since 1955, the smartest thing I ever did. Helped her raise two boys and four girls, all now on their own and self-supporting. Six great kids and 14 grandkids life is good.

I decided to learn more about Northwest wine, beer and food by teaching others what I already knew, researching, tasting and writing about them. My writing will remain focused on the Northwest, with occasional excursions to my favorite Italian wines, and other countries, as I taste and enjoy those products.

Biggest gripes: Northwest stores and restaurants carrying more California than Northwest wines, and the exorbitant prices restaurants want to charge for a bottle, almost everywhere you go. What can you do about it? Ask the wine steward in the store, or the store manager, to stock the Northwest wines you like to drink. In a restaurant, take your own bottle and pay the "corkage fee" which the restaurant charges to open your bottle and supply glasses. A reasonable corkage fee is $5 to $10.

I would appreciate any constructive criticism which allows me to improve the site or my writing. I'm always open to suggestions, so please feel free to e-mail me at

Finally, I believe that
1.) "Life is too short to drink bad wine, and
2.) "Life is short, eat dessert first"

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